JetFlash 500 USB drives introduced by Transcend

sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010 ·

JetFlash 500 USB drives introduced by Transcend

The Transcend V series is pretty familiar for anyone using a Flash drive, but here is a all new trendy JetFlash 500 announced today. While the drives aren’t very micro sized, but the whole thing looks somewhat rugged (shockproof) and the slide out USB port is always good to have (for all those who keep losing the caps).

Available from 2GB to 32GB versions the JetFlash 500 comes in orange, red, blue, green and purple colours and has read & write speed of 20MB/s and 6MB/s respectively (except for the 32GB version which is 32MB/s read & 18MB/s write). No word on pricing, but there isn’t any reason for this to sell at a premium as such. This thing weights 10gms and won’t burn a hole in your pocket IMO!


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