Apple picks up another chip co – Intrinsity?

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Apple picks up another chip co – Intrinsity?

With Apple officially jumping into the chip game with the A4 powering the iPad, it seems that they have acquired another chip design co Intrinsity lately. In 2008 Apple acquired PA Semi which is said to be the engineering talent behind Apple’s own processors. Intrinsity is also known for low power but high performance processor designs and their expertise with ARM is said to be of Apple’s interest.

The acquisition rumors rise via LinkedIN where a number of Intrinsity founders / employees have switched their employer status as Apple Inc (while one of them has reportedly switched back to Instrinsity – we already have enough slips to smell whats happening). Not just that their official website is also down with a suspicious under construction page (come-on this is a 1997 co with 100 people). Just like PA Semi, Intrinsity appears to be a talent pool that Apple has acquired (i.e. if the rumors are true). We can be sure to see more Apple chip powering the future iPhones and iPad’s.

Via Macrumors

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