iPad launch round-up

sábado, 3 de abril de 2010 ·

iPad launch round-up

The iPad mania is here and my RSS feeds are flooded with iPad mentions. While the 7 ways and 15 things about iPad kinda posts will flow in dozens now, here are some quick bits from the iPad launch I could gather this morning.

  • It is believed that Apple has already sold 700000 iPads on Day 1. This is more than what Kindle sold in 2008
  • If you really want to know how fast the iPad is, see the benchmarks here. (Not relevant but its 400x+ faster than original iPhone when running native apps (Cocoa Touch))
  • You should read this honest early impression by OM
  • And if you are eagerly reading reviews all around the web then beware – its too early for anyone to describe accurately as to how good or bad the device is. Almost everything would be debated, there would be clash of opinions and at times clear miss reading of logic given the fact that when you use a gadget as a consumer you come across things that you won’t see as a reviewer on first look. [example here]
  • One quick note I made is that everyone loves the battery life and display of the Apple iPad. iFixit tear-down revealed that the iPad battery has 5 times more capacity than the iPhone 3G.

And if you really wanted some more masala – Steve Jobs made an appearance at an Apple store to see the iPad response and someone smashed his iPad with a baseball bat :P . And did I miss that two new iPhones, the next gen iPod touch and the 2nd gen iPad itself has a mention somewhere hidden in the OS 3.2 of iPad :)

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